Converter-DVI 24+1 to HDMI Female


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HDMI is backward compatible with DVI-D single link (it is not compatible with Dual Link). Therefore there are transfer rates of up to 4.95GB/s of digital video data using this adapter. This adapter supports the highest transfer rate between HDMI and DVI-D that can be achieved! At 4.9gb/s theres bandwidth to spare for future enhancements in technology. Do not believe any company who says their ‘DVI-D to HDMI’ adapters can support 10.2GB/s as it is impossible. Double moulded connectors are used as they are more robust. A small cable (about 3cm) is used within the adapter and is made using 99.99% oxygen free copper which helps to maintain the quality. This generates a much purer signal. No cheap materials are used. This adapter is compatible with HDCP content scrambling used in current equipment, such as TVs. The adapter is omni directional, therefore it can be used so a DVI-D source can drive HDMI device such as a HD TV, or vice versa, where a HDMI source drives a DVI-D device such as a monitor or projector. Examples of pieces of equipment this adapter works with are: playstation 3, Blu Ray Disc, HD ready TVs, Sky HD, HD DVD, projectors, graphics cards.
Adapter supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolutions. HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatible. Omni-directional.
Gold plated double moulded brass connectors to ensure optimum signal transfer.
This adapter allows one end of a standard ‘HDMI male to HDMI male’ cable to be converted to DVI-D male. This is very useful if you need to plug a device such as a PS3 with a HDMI output into a projector
HDMI ATC compliance-tested, ROHS, CE
HDMI and DVI cables also available. Search for the Empire Wire brand in Amazon or look at our store front!

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