Tuya Gas Leak Detector – Plug in Smart WiFi Alarm Fire Security Detector Monitor



Working Voltage AC 85V-250V

Average Consumption:≤1.5W

Alarm Sound: 70dB/m

Alarm Density:6%LEL ± 3%LEL(CH4)

WIFI Standard: 802.11b/g/n

Working Temperature:-10℃~ +50℃

Working Humidity:≤95%RH

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Tuya WiFi GAS Leak Sensor Alarm Fire Safety Detector Smart Home APP Control


100% Brand New and High Quality.

This product is a WiFi flammable gas alarm, which is used to detect the leakage of flammable gas and prevent the harm caused by gas leakage. The alarm uses high stability semiconductor gas sensor, which has the characteristics of high stability and small sensitivity drift. When a flammable gas leak is detected and the concentration value set by the alarm is reached, the alarm will send an alarm signal. This product is used indoor where leakage may occur, such as kitchens.

Before installation, please confirm the detecting gas density heavier or lighter than air. If detecting gas is heavier than air: LPG. etc, install at 0.3-1m height from floor, semi-diameter to gas source less than 1.5m. If detecting gas is lighter than air: nature gas, manufactured gas, marsh gas, etc, install at 0.3-1m height from ceiling, semi-diameter to gas source less than 1.5m.

This product has a self-test button, and there is also a self-test button on the APP, which can be used to detect whether the alarm and the buzzer can work normally. When the self-test is pressed, the red LED of the alarm flashes. The buzzer beeps.

Alert Handling

When the concentration value of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas with heavy ambient air reaches or exceeds the alarm concentration value, the alarm will automatically enter the continuous alarm state. At this moment, we should do the followings:

1. Close the pipeline valve immediately.

2. Extinguish all sources of ignition and avoid using everything that generates sparks.

3. Avoid switching various electrical appliances.

4. Immediately open the windows to convent the indoor air


6 months warranty

Delivery Option

Delivery Area : All Island Delivery Available Home Delivery Date : 2 to 4 Working Days.


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