Two IR Fence Outdoor Beams Infrared Beam Sensor Alarm


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Wired Active Photoelectric Beam Detector: This is high-tech Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems to protect some area from intruder, designed for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor residential, commercial and industrial applications. To detect intrusion and triggers an alarm when an intruder disturbs the detection field. It provides ideal cost-effective solutions for medium-range applications such as perimeter protection of buildings, fences, warehouses, factories, parking lots, gardens, walls, etc, especially inner balcony to substitute metal structure. It will alarm at once and dial the pre-set alarm numbers when the emitting bundle is shut off by the object.
Working principle: Several un-visible defense bundles from the remitters forms protection network, Alarm is triggered to send the sign to the control panel when both beams are shutoff at one time. Dual-beam design provides the redundancy needed to prevent false alarms from objects (flying birds, insects, falling leaves, etc.) that may intersect one of the IR beams. The alarm output is activated only when both beams are interrupted.

* Beams quantity available: 2, 3, 4 beams.
* Protection distance available: 20m,30m,60m,80m,100m,150m,…300m.
– ABT Series: 2 beams
– ABE Series: 3 beams
– ABH Series: 4 beams



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